“My husband and I are working parents who recently bought a new home in Northern Virginia.  Although I consider myself an organized person, we were overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we needed to put away to set up our new home while working, taking care of our daughter, and trying to establish new routines.  We asked Erin for help.  In less than one week, she unpacked all of our boxes and set up our entire four bedroom home so it was functional.  We even had a house warming party the weekend after we moved in!

Erin was extremely professional and worked with us in a way that alleviated stress instead of adding to it.  She came up with creative storage solutions for everything from our daughter’s toys to our kitchen gadgets to out clothing.  A month later and we are still using the systems Erin set up since they are practical and work for our lifestyle.  I highly recommend Erin’s professional organizing services and find her a joy to work with.  She even puts together furniture!”

-Megan, Alexandria, VA